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Are you tired of dodging the same potholes and road debris everyday?
Fed up with dangerous, unusable "bike lanes"?
Frustrated by signal sensors that don't detect bicycles?
Dumbfounded by poor road design that creates conflicts?

Don't just suffer silently, tell the authorities!

We are here to identify and publicize deficiencies in our transportation infrastructure that hinder bicyclists. Too often, these hazards go unreported or the complaints are ignored. By publicizing hazards on this website and sending the details of those hazards to the appropriate jurisdiction, we help to facilitate communication between bicyclists and those responsible for design, construction, and maintenance of our streets--and (most of all!) to get these problems fixed!

Take Action!

Use our Report a Hazard page to tell us of a hazard (we do require that you Register and Login to report a hazard, but that is quick and easy). We also welcome digital photos that can be used to illustrate the problem.

Hazard reports are stored in our online database where they are accessible by the public Browse Hazards. We will attempt to determine the appropriate jurisdiction for the problem and then send them email notification of the problem and recommended solution. We will also keep track (and publicize) our results.

We also encourage you to contact your elected representatives and your local transportation department directly (check out this list of jurisdiction contacts). The more complaints they hear, the more likely they are to do something about them.

This website is a work in progress. We welcome your comments and suggestions (use our Contact Page to send us a message). Note: we are currently focused exclusively on Washington State, however the program could be expanded in the future.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a watchdog as One who serves as a guardian or protector against waste, loss, or illegal practices.

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